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Club News 2008 - 2009

Pedestal field preparation
Des Ife 4th August 2008 10:00 BST

In an attempt to save the club some money Des did not have the grass cut at the usual times. Unfortunately, when he went down to check on it he found that it had grown very long. It had become too long for our usual grass cutters to cut it. Des then located a company that cut fields for farmers and they arranged to come down on Wednesday 30th August to do an initial cut. In the evening they returned to bale up and remove the grass and then Pam and Des went down to try and locate the post holes. After prodding around with metal rods they eventually located them at about 9pm. On Thursday morning the grass was given two further cuts and then, in the afternoon Pam and Des went down to mark out the goal-lines. On Friday Pat joined them to mark out the touch lines and parts of the 6yd, 18yd and half-way lines. This job was interrupted by showery rain. On Saturday morning the intrepid three completed the marking out but were again interrupted by constant heavy rain so returned in the evening to erect the goalposts with the help of Pat's son, Paul. Des is now awaiting the bill for the grass cutting which will probably be a lot more than the cost of having 3 monthly cuts by our usual cutters. He will not make the same mistake again!!!

Pedestal pitch
Des Ife 1st January 2009 16:30 GMT

Pat, Pam and Des went down to the Pedestal at 1pm to prepare the pitch for the coming weekend and were astounded at the number of molehills present. After spending the first hour removing Pat's van after it had become bogged-down near the clubhouse they set about raking down the molehills. Unfortunately most of them were frozen and so had to have the soil chopped up by spade before they could be raked down properly. In the meantime Pam had mixed up the lime and set about marking-out the lines (which to our surprise were still visible). By 3.45pm we had cleared the molehills and marked-out most of the pitch but the light was beginning to fade. We decided to return tomorrow to complete the work. To all you players that think all we do is come along to watch please note that we all gave up time on New Year's Day to carry out this gruelling task in order that football can be played.
On 2nd January we three went down to the ground again where we spent two hours completing the marking-out and watering in some mole repellent in the hope that this will keep the moles away.

The End
Des Ife 20th January 2009 00:30 GMT

It is with deep regret that, after being in existance since 1969, this football club has now been disbanded. We had been struggling on for most of this season but there were numerous problems both financial and with the attitude of some members of the team. This decision was not taken lightly and has been made with full agreement by the committee. We would like to thank most of the players that supported us and hope that, should they wish to continue playing football, they find new clubs to play for. We will refund unused subs to the players that have paid up the first instalment and their fines but still require those that haven't settled up to do so before we release them.



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