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News for 2002 - 2003 Season
(Covers from 1st September 2002 to 31st August 2003)

A Call from Above
Des Ife 01 September 2002 10:29 GMT

We had mixed emotions on hearing recently of the departure of another of our players. We are sad to say that David Hill is leaving us for the coming season but are pleased to announce that he will be joining Wokingham Town (in the Ryman's League) on a semi-professional basis. We all wish him, and his family, the very best of luck for the future and we will be following his progress with interest.

More Arrivals, Departures and changes to U16s
Des Ife 14 September 2002 10:52 GMT

We have been informed that Matthew Stone and Dewayne Dublin have decided to leave our club at the start of the 2002/3 season and we wish them well for the future.

We are pleased to welcome Robin Graham and Matthew Laughlin to our Under 16s team and also expect to sign on a player who has been with a local side up to the end of last season. Confirmation and further details are to follow.

We are also fortunate to have two young men (Matt Hedges and Jonny Bartlett) who have joined us to provide our lads with coaching.

Rumours that we are 'folding' are completely without foundation and anyone who really knows Pam would have realised that, should this have been the case, she would have officially informed all the lads (and their parents) and done her best to provide them with alternative clubs to play for. We are disappointed that these rumours have been circulating and that two or three of the lads have been approaching other clubs under this misapprehension without informing us. Should anyone have any concerns then they should talk to Pam, who will give them a frank and honest appraisal of the situation. Meanwhile, we look forward to doing well in the coming season and enjoying our football.

Our arrangement with Downley
Des Ife 01 October 2002 12:23 GMT

At the start of this season we entered into an arrangement with Downley regarding groundsharing at the Pedestal. This will provide us with badly needed additional income and will help them out with their need for pitches on which to train and play. They also have a very helpful 'army' of active parents and are helping us with some of the jobs that need carrying out on the clubhouse. Those of you that have recently visited our clubhouse will have seen how well they have done in cleaning it. We look forward to a season that will provide benefits to both our clubs and wish Downley a very successful year.

More comings and goings for U16s
Des Ife 02 October 2002 08:14 GMT

We are sad to announce that Adeel Iqbal has now left the club after being with us for many seasons. Jason Guy will be released as soon as his kit is returned. He has stopped playing for us and has gone to Totteridge, without giving us any notice. The good news is that we have completed signing up two more players. They are Christy White (Duane's cousin) who is a former Wycombe Lions player and James Davies who is new to this League. We welcome them to our club and look forward to seeing them in action this coming Sunday against Marlow.

More Players for U16s
Des Ife 27 October 2002 22:31 GMT

We are pleased to announce that Dewayne Dublin and Adeel Iqbal have now re-joined our team and we also welcome Luke Patton to our side.

Another addition to our U16s Squad
Des Ife 18 November 2002 12:40 GMT

We would like to welcome Michael Avery to our U16s side. He formerly played for Totteridge. We now have 15 team members.

The Return of David Blackman to U16s side
Des Ife 23 November 2002 18:26 GMT

We are delighted to welcome David Blackman back into our team. Just after we had signed him up for the 2001/2 Season he was advised by doctors to stop all contact sports because playing too many had caused a leg problem. He therefore never actually played for us except in a 6-a-side tournament. He has now been given the all-clear and has rejoined us for the start of December 2002.

Further Departures from U16s
Des Ife 03 December 2002 15:04 GMT

Duane White, last season's Player of the Year, has left us to join Wycombe Lions. As his cousin, Christie White, and James Davies used to get transport to our games from Duane's parents we now also have to say 'Goodbye' to them as well.

Another 'Quitter' from U16s
Des Ife 10 December 2002 01:21 GMT

Riccardo Falconi has now gone to Totteridge, following Jason Guy. He, like Jason, gave us no warning of his intention and left us short-handed for a Cup game. This is extremely disappointing and not the actions that we would have expected from our players. We would never have attempted to stop anyone who wished to leave and previous players have always given us advance warning so that we could obtain replacements. We would like to point out that we do not consider the Totteridge management or officials have acted wrongly in the signing up of these players.

New signings for U16s
Des Ife 20 January 2003 12:41 GMT

We have recently signed up 3 players and would like to welcome them to our club. They are Chris Terry, Philip Taberer and Andrew Morgan.

Another departure to Totteridge from U16s
Des Ife 28 January 2003 13:21 GMT

Shahid Ahmad has decided to leave us to join Totteridge after many years with us.

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