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News for 2000 - 2001 Season
(Covers from 1st June 2001 to 31st August 2001)

Clubhouse Renovations (part 1)
Des Ife 04 June 2001 07:47 GMT

On Sunday 3rd June a group of us (9 in all) carried out some renovations to our clubhouse. Unfortunately, we have had to 'brick-up' the windows in a bid to stop break-ins. However, Pat has done an excellent job so far on three of them, leaving two more main windows and some small ones. We repaired some of the wood cladding and then creosoted the front and two ends making the appearance much smarter. We started to decorate the home team changing rooms and need to complete them and start on the visitors changing rooms. The weather was kind to us, being a bit chilly in the morning but sunny in the afternoon and dry all day. Those in attendance were Rex Allot (Chairman), Pat Vaughey (Under 13s Manager), Pam Ife (Under 14s manager) with Des and Lindsey, and Kevin Fuller with his family Julie, Kirstie and Jack (Under 14s). We will be carrying out more work soon and would appreciate assistance by other managers/parents.

Clubhouse Renovations (part 2)
Des Ife 11 June 2001 08:10 GMT

On Sunday 10th June Pat Vaughey, Pam and Des Ife and Kevin Fuller continued with the renovations. We were very lucky with the weather because the forecast had been for heavy showers but we experienced slight drizzle and a few short showers that we worked through. The remaining front windows have now been 'bricked-up' and the creosoting on the front and ends has been completed. There are a few small windows at the rear that need 'bricking-up', the 2 that we have just completed need painting and then the interior needs work. Our next session will be on 17th June and all helpers are welcome.

Clubhouse Renovations (part 3)
Des Ife 19 June 2001 12:55 GMT

Following an appeal for parents to come on Sunday 17th to help us, the total workforce comprised of .........Pam and Des Ife! We therefore only made small headway (in spite of working from 9.30am until 4.30 pm) doing some painting in the home team changing rooms. We will continue to do work on the following three Sundays in an attempt to get things ready for our Six-A-Side tournament, and would welcome help from anybody!

Clubhouse Renovations (part 4)
Des Ife 25 June 2001 07:16 GMT

Once again we were inundated with absences from the parents. Kevin and Julie Fuller, their daughter Kirstie and Pam and Des Ife were the only people to turn up on Sunday 24th June. However, we made quite good headway by completing the painting of the breezeblocks on the exterior, almost completing the work in our second ‘Home Team’ changing room and painting 2 of the 4 walls in the lounge area. I was extremely disappointed by the total lack of assistance by the other parents. As it is, we will be carrying out more work on the next 2 Sundays and will not be able to complete the work until after our own Six-a-side tournament.

Clubhouse Renovations (part 5)
Des Ife 28 June 2001 08:59 GMT

Kevin Fuller joined Pam and Des Ife for more painting at the clubhouse on Monday 24th June from 6.30pm until 9.00pm. During the day on Wednesday Pam went down and partly painted the Ladies Toilets and in the evening Kevin, Julie and Kirstie joined Pam and Des for the evening session. We did some more work in the home changing rooms and corridors and painted the third wall in the lounge area. Are there any volunteers to help us? If so please ring Pam.

Clubhouse Renovations (part 6)
Des Ife 02 July 2001 08:06 GMT

On Sunday 1st July Pam and Des continued with their work in the clubhouse. The front door was adjusted to allow easier locking, two doors in the hallway were eased. In the lounge area some woodchip wallpaper was stripped and replaced and some of the final wall was painted. The bricked-up front window in this area was painted blue but the second tin appears to be slightly darker so we will have to add some white and then repaint it. Some large gaps around pipes in the toilets were sealed with expanding polystyrene foam and filler but a little more needs to be applied in the boys' toilets and the disabled toilets need large holes filled. If anyone would like to help we will be down there on Monday evening, all day Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Ring Pam for details, please.

Clubhouse Renovations (Part 7)
Des Ife 09 July 2001 09:18 GMT

Kevin, Julie, Pam and Des were working again during last week (some evenings, Thursday afternoon and all day Sunday). Pat Vaughey, Lindsey Ife and Kirstie Fuller also came along on Sunday. The walls are now finished, the internal doors are being finished and our nameboard has now been repainted and put back up. The main doors outside 'banister' has been made up, installed and creosoted. Most of the rubbish has been removed and finishing touches are being applied. The roofing felt, addition of extra benching in the changing rooms, replacement of taps and water heater and the repairs to the disabled toilet will have to be completed at a later date.

Clubhouse Renovations (Part 8)
Des Ife 11 July 2001 07:28 GMT

On Monday 9th July, in the evening from 6.30pm until 9pm, Kevin, Pam and Des applied the final decorative touches before our Six-a-side tournament. Kevin completed our external name-board and logo on the inside of our main doors, Pam and Des continued painting the internal doors and some 'clipart' framed pictures were put up in the lounge area.

Tribute from the Lions
Des Ife 23 July 2001 07:49 GMT

Hithercroft have received a mention in the Wycombe Lions Under 14s 2000-2001 Year end report Manager’s Notes and I reproduce the relevant paragraph below:-

“With a pitch that resembled a lake, the resumption of the season was impossible until February 11th. Here I must give Hithercroft a mention. Despite our efforts to relay turf in the goalmouth and clear as much water as possible, the referee decided the pitch was not playable. Hithercroft agreed, and to their credit, switched the match to their ground at short notice. Missing a couple of their best players, the decision was not greatly in their favour. The match was played and we duly won 6-2. When running a football team you soon learn there are some managers who take it all far more seriously than they should and try an element of gamesmanship. You learn to spot them. Hithercroft’s gesture was a pleasing example of sportsmanship.”

We thank Robert Hall for his kind words and wish him, his team and supporters good luck for their next season in the 3rd Division.

New residents in Clubhouse
Des Ife 13 August 2001 11:10 GMT

Since we have renovated the clubhouse we have found that it has appealed to more than just the club members. There is now a group of edible dormice in residence. At the turn of the century, Lord Rothschild introduced the edible or fat dormouse (Glis Glis) from Europe to his estate in Tring, Hertfordshire. This soft, squirrel-like 6 in. long, silver-grey animal, locally known as the little chinchilla, now inhabits a triangular area bounded by Beaconsfield, Aylesbury and Luton. It is normally a woodland species but has taken to living in outhouses, barns and lofts of large country houses and unfortunately our clubhouse! It was a delicacy in Roman times and was fattened up on walnuts for banquets. On advice from the R.S.P.C.A we contacted the Pest Control Office of the local council and were advised that they need to be removed as they can cause a great deal of damage to the woodwork and wiring. They currently are sleeping just behind the electricity panel in the cupboard in one of the home team changing rooms. Unfortunately, the trap that is used is not humane and is extremely dangerous if handled by an untrained person. The trap is checked by us each day and, when found to contain a dormouse the animal is swiftly dispatched (if still alive) by the pest control officer who then resets the trap. We have removed 8 animals by Monday 3rd September over a three-week period and we have still seen others. Until they have all been caught we cannot block up the holes through which they come and go as they will then cause further damage.

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